XL Pro

XL Pro

XL Pro LED Lights

For the right combination of visibility, power efficiency, and longevity, the XL Pro is the choice of passionate off-roaders. These compact LED auxiliary lights have everything you need to see clearly at night or on bad weather days. We designed them so they have the projection distance of a traditional 8-inch HID headlight while providing the smooth light spread LEDs are known for. Thanks to recent updates, the XL Pro off-road light has 20% more reach than before while using the same amount of power.

Almost every hobby vehicle or work vehicle can benefit from a set of XL Pro LED lights. Attach them to trucks, Jeeps, ATVs, motorcycles, and side-by-sides using a variety of universal mounting systems. You might even bolt them on a tractor for late-night plowing. Baja Designs is the Scientist of Lighting with groundbreaking technology and precision engineering that gets results.

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