LP4 LED Vehicle Lights

The LP4 series from Baja Designs is the off-road lighting solution for those who are big on adventurous spirit but short on space. At just 5.1” high x 5” wide, they’ll fit on almost any vehicle or Powersports ride, including Jeeps, motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles. Packed within the waterproof housing, though, is lighting technology that outshines many auxiliary lights three times the size. These off-road LED lights are perfect for exploring at night or in bad weather.

Some riders also use the LP4 Pro as part of a spread with our LP6 and LP9 auxiliary lights. This allows for the right amount of light in each beam pattern, creating a balanced setup for improved visibility at any distance or speed. Like their larger siblings, the LP4 is built with the latest lighting technology and has a limited lifetime warranty.

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