Baja Designs lighting proves its excellence once again

The Parker 425 – an off-roading race annually held early February in Arizona– is always challenging, but this year was even more difficult for competitors due to the lack of rainfall prior to the event.

With such dry conditions, the track was filled with sand banks, loose gravel and a mass of thick dust.

To make the contest even more difficult, each race took place at different times throughout the day – some even racing a setting sun and nightfall.

Looking at the placegetters at the end of the Parker 425, there’s one common link – those who used Baja Designs lighting products generally found themselves out in front, leading the race!

Andy McMillin, number one qualifier for the Trick Truck class, was first off the starting line in the second race of the day. This advantage only lasted until the second or third lap, when he started catching up to the competitors in the race before his.

Despite difficulties, including the afternoon and night time conditions as well as obstacles likes blinding dust and other classes’ trucks, McMillin says “the race went flawlessly”.

He credits his new truck and Baja Designs lights for his second straight win of the Parker 425.

Second and fifth place in the same class where father-son-duo, the Sourapas, who are also Baja Designs racers.

Unlimited Open Wheel class

In the Unlimited Open Wheel class (1500), CJ Hutchins began the race behind two other competitors after qualifying third fastest for the Parker 425.

The second race again ran into the night, but Hutchins kept up his pace and took home the win.

“My Baja Designs LED’s helped us get safely through the dust,” he said, crediting “the best lights in the industry” for his triumphant results.

Class 6100 winner Andrew Whitehead began his race from a more disadvantaged point than the above Baja Designs racers – at 14th place! Even with this slow start, he was able to outrace the trucks ahead and come out on top.

Whitehead had established his lead around the midway pit on lap one.

“We were second physically on the road,” he said. “Thanks to the incredible pitstops by our crew, we worked our way to the front and took the lead when our opportunity came”. This advance then increased when the sun set.

“We extended our lead on the final lap despite the darkness, and a rough course, thanks to our Baja Designs lighting package.”

In the same race, Baja Designs racer Bobby Pecoy took second place in his Desert Assassins truck.

This year’s tough track and blinding dust were no problem for those who harnessed the strength behind the scientists of lighting.

From the more compact LED Auxiliary Lights the racers used for headlights, to the high-power LED Light Bars they used to brighten their path ahead, this range has everything covered!

The Baja Designs lighting technology made a world of difference for the victors of the 2018 Parker 425. Check them out online or get in touch with our professional staff for more information!

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