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Baja 1000

2017 year marked the 50th anniversary of the Baja 1000, the famous off-road race held in Mexico.

Being a competition that takes place in a variety of conditions, entrants must pay special attention to the suitability of their vehicle. Elements such as suspension, tyres and horsepower are all taken into consideration. However, one element in particular had a huge effect in terms of this year’s winners; lighting.

95 per cent of the 2017 placegetters used Baja Designs products (stocked by Stotts!) to guide them through the unpredictable environments. Which is one of the reasons we are proud to be a stockist of Baja Designs products.

The first leg of the Baja 1000 kicked off at midnight, with participants competing against each other and the rising sun. A superior lighting solution was essential for the darker racing conditions. The Baja products provided a clearer vantage point and therefore increased safety. For this part of the event, the Baja auxiliary lights were most suitable.

This product is designed to fit all types of vehicles so, no matter the bike, the variety ensured racers had access to what best suited them. From the larger lights, such as those in the LP and XL range, right down to compact S2 pro and S2 sport, there is something for every rider. The advantage of the auxiliary lights can be seen in the quality, with the Baja Designs technology cutting through light like nothing else on the market.

The four-wheelers hit the course the next day, beginning during the day and racing into the night. However, competitors didn’t wait for the sun to set to use their lights. As this leg was using more powerful vehicles, masses of dust and silt came to life as soon as racing began. This, along with some low-laying fog, required racers to use their lights even during the day. In addition to the fitted headlights, the Baja LED lightbars were most effective in guiding drivers to victory.

Because they are LED lights, they are able to greatly increase illumination whilst using minimal battery (which can be very useful for such a long race). Customers also had the choice between OnX6 and S8 in the colour they’d prefer; white, amber and blue lenses. Even rear tail light bars are offered for additional safety – Baja truly have thought of everything.

Check out our Baja Designs online or get more details about the 2018 event!

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