Lighting Zone 3 – Driving Combo

The Zone 3 Lighting in our innovative Lighting Zone System at Baja Designs is the foundation upon which you’ll build your other zones. Your LED driving lights are the primary and most important lights in just about every application. When choosing your Zone 3 Lighting Driving/Combo LED lights, you’ll want to take their placement, brightness and lighting pattern into account.

Placement, Power and Pattern

Zone 3 LED driving lights should be positioned near the center of your vehicle, either on the bumper or in the grill. Zone 3 should be significantly brighter than Zone 1 and Zone 2. However, the brightness of your Zone 3 LED driving lights should be relative to your other zones. Otherwise, your Zone 3 lights can wash out your spot lights. Zone 3’s Driving/Combo pattern combines a wide lighting element and a spot element, making it ideal for distance as well as balance, observation and reaction.

Popular Zone 3 LED Lights

Below, you’ll find some of our most popular Zone 3 LED driving lights available in a wide range of styles and patterns. They’re also available in both clear and amber colors. Our high-quality LED lights are made in America and designed with the science of off-road driving in mind. With our innovative zones, you can mix and match your lighting power, preferences and designs to achieve custom outcomes that will meet your performance, competition demands or everyday lighting needs.