Lighting Zone 8 – Dust Lights/Reverse Lights Lighting

Zone 8 lighting is beneficial for every type of off-road lighting purpose and a good idea for everyone, from casual trail enthusiasts to professional off-road aficionados. Front and rear dust lights are essential safety lights for everything from driving at night to simply backing out of your driveway. Zone 8’s lighting can also help mitigate risks in many different low-visibility situations.

Dust and Reverse Light Features:

As with each zone within our Lighting Zones System, the placement, power and the pattern of Zone 8’s dust lights and rear off-road lights are essential to know and to understand. Each of these lights are installed in different locations; however, their outward-facing direction is their common factor. Reverse lights are installed lower on the vehicle, inside and under the rear bumper. Dust lights, on the other hand, are installed higher — such as on a rooftop — to shine light as far above the dust as possible.

The power of each of these lights is up to user preference. That said, many off-roaders prefer brighter rear chase lights. We recommend the amber dust light color choice, which minimizes the reflection and the glare from the dust and other particulates.

Popular Baja Designs Zone 8 Lighting Products:
Zone 8 power is solely users choice. Some vehicles may benefit from a less powerful reverse light, whereas some users may opt for the most powerful and visually obvious dust light they can run.

Check out some of our most popular Zone 8 lights available at Baja Designs. These high-performance lighting products feature waterproof and submersible designs and come with the mounting brackets and hardware needed for installation.