Lighting Zone 7 – Cargo Lighting

Work lighting around a vehicle requires LED cargo lighting, which is the purpose of Baja Designs’ Zone 7. LED cargo lighting provides essential lighting for planned or unplanned off-road stops. Cargo lights not only offer light for the tasks at hand, such as changing a flat tire or searching a cooler for a cold drink, but they also provide the light needed to allow you to be seen by other drivers both on and off the road.

Cargo Light Specifics:

Zone 7’s placement, power and pattern must be taken into account when determining the right setup for your cargo lighting. Our LED cargo lights are generally installed around the roofline of the vehicle and point down. However, this placement is versatile and can be installed per the user’s preference, depending on their needs. The power preference is also scalable: campers may want lower-powered lighting, for example. Bright cargo lighting can be installed when detailed task lighting is needed. The Work/Scene patterns of cargo lights are round, smooth lights that will illuminate your workspaces evenly and effectively.

Popular Zone 7 Lights:

Baja Designs has a great selection of LED cargo lights for your Zone 7 setup in varying sizes, colors and power options. Customize your off-road lights with our cargo lights that give off impressive lumens and are waterproof, submersible and ultra-durable. Our Zone 7 cargo lighting products include both your LED cargo lights as well as mounting hardware for installation.