Lighting Zone 6 – Rock Light

Whether you’re trying to provide ambient lighting around your car or truck or you’re looking for rock lights to help better navigate technical terrain, Lighting Zone 6 is a must-have addition to your Lighting Zone System. Zone 6 will illuminate your wheel wells and your undercarriage, making it ideal for trail repairs and general work around your vehicle. As with all of the other zones in our high-performance off-road lighting system, our LED wheel lights and undercarriage lighting solutions are driven by three fundamentals: placement, power and pattern.

Zone 6 Lighting Fundamentals

These rock lights are more versatile than other zones in terms of placement. Placement is user-dependent and is based on preference; however, the standard placement is usually one LED rock light per vehicle corner or one wheel light in each wheel. When installing this type of LED lighting, however, it’s essential to understand your vehicle’s suspension: rock lights and car wheel lights should never come into contact with any moving part of your vehicle. The power of Zone 6’s is also versatile: wheel well lights and rock lights for trucks should be bright yet not overpowering.

Popular Zone 6 Rock Lights:

Our rock lights for Zone 6 are available in several colors: clear, blue, green, amber and red. Our dome light and rock lights can be mounted just about anywhere and have a 180-degree optic to best illuminate your undercarriage and wheel wells.