Lighting Zone 51 – Laser Zone

Our Lighting Zones System offers the ultimate customizable off-road lighting. Want to go faster? Check out our Zone 51 Lighting, which uses laser beams to provide an unprecedented amount of distance lighting. Designed for off-road vehicles that go at great speeds, this vehicle laser light is only possible due to a fundamental change in how white light is created. The result? A mind-blowing laser beam spot light that is ideal for off-roading, as well as search and rescue, security and industrial uses.

Zone 51 Placement, Power and Pattern:
The placement of Zone 51 lighting is similar to Zone 4 and Zone 5. Distance lighting is the goal of Zone 51, which means that this laser light should not be installed too low. Instead, it should preferably be installed above the hood line. The power of Zone 51 must be adjusted in relation to your other zones because an imbalance between the different zones will tend to wash the other lighting out. Zone 51 uses only a spot pattern. However, our Laser Hybrid series uses a combination of lasers and LED diodes. Laser lighting additions should only be used to complement to your existing spot lighting, not to use as replacements.

Top Zone 51 Laser Lights:
We have several Zone 51 laser lights available, including single S1 lasers as well as laser light bars and XL clear laser lights that are waterproof and submersible. Each purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.