Lighting Zone 5 | Racer Edition Spot

Lighting Zone 5 – Racer Edition Spot

Let’s go faster — and brighter! If you thought Zone 4 was bright, wait until you see our LED Lighting Zone 5: Racer Edition Spot. This LED spot off-road lighting has a greater distance throw than Zone 4 and is intended for triple-digit speeds. Zone 5 features a tight pattern high-intensity light beam that will reach thousands of feet into the distance. In fact, Zone 5’s focus is ideal for use in search and rescue operations.

Zone 5 Placement, Power, Pattern:

When choosing your Zone 5 LED off-road lights, you’ll want to take the above three attributes into account. These high beam spot lights should be mounted higher on your vehicle for a tighter overhead beam. The power should be relative to both Zone 3 and Zone 4; Zone 5 should be either equal to or brighter than the previous zones. Zone 5’s pattern is only offered in a spot pattern lenses and requires a specialty LED light.

High-Performance LED Off-Road Lights:

Check out our selection of popular Zone 5 spot lights that are available to customize your off-road lighting package. Both clear- and amber-colored lights are available, as are off-road LED light bars in spot pattern lenses. Our high-performance lighting is made to be brighter, bolder and better, which is why Baja Designs is referred to as The Scientists of Lighting!