Lighting Zone 4 – Spot

This is the spot zone, As you start driving faster off-road, the use of a dedicated spot light becomes essential. This zone helps you see further down the road to gauge terrain or obstacles in an effort to give you time to react.

When distance is critical, you can move your lights further up on the vehicle such as the roof line or a-pillar. When mounted on these locations, be sure to to only use these distance lights when absolutely necessary to avoid glare from dust and fog. This will also help to avoid power consumption and to avoid eye fatigue while focusing on a zone that is not an immediate concern.

Zone 4 lighting is based directly off of your Zone 3 lighting output. If your Zone 4 lighting is equal to, or lower in intensity to Zone 3, your Zones 1-3 may overpower your zone 4 lighting. This might make it difficult to focus your eyes on objects down the road.

For Zone 4, we recommend our spot pattern lens. This lens provides the greatest amount of distance throw, while also keeping a tighter pattern of light – causing less glare if you choose to mount lights on the roof or a-pillar.