Lighting Zone 2 | Cornering Off-Road Lighting

Lighting Zone 2 – Cornering Off-Road Lighting

Your vision changes at night, so make sure that you’re prepared when off-roading. The Zone 2 lights in our Lighting Zone System for off-road lighting will improve safety by illuminating your mid-field distance.

Zone 2 Placement, Power and Pattern
Wide/Cornering lights provide illumination to your peripheral zones and are mounted outside of your bumper or off of your A-pillars. Zone 2 LED off-road lights are intended to be a bit brighter than Zone 1 lights, but not as bright as Zone 3 lights — or your headlights. The wide cornering pattern of our Zone 2 lights provides the widest amount of horizontal spread to identify obstacles for safer night driving. We don’t recommend installing Zone 2 lights above the hood line unless their position is pointed outward.

Popular Zone 2 Lights
When choosing the best Wide/Cornering lights for your Zone 2, Baja Designs has great options, including off-road LED light bars, round LED off-road lights and light colors in both clear and amber. Our Zone 2 Lights are engineered and manufactured in America with innovative features that are designed to be brighter, bolder and better. Check out some of our most popular Zone 2 LED off-road lights below. Each selection comes with a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed and mounting brackets and hardware for installation.