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Baja Designs manufacture a huge variety of LED auxiliary lights and LED light bars for every type of vehicle on and off the road.

They use only top-quality Cree LEDs, their housings are the finest in the world and their seals are painstakingly tested to meet and exceed the needs of the most abusive off-road driver.

The LED Auxiliary Lights are the very definition of versatile. These small, stylish lights can be mounted to pretty much any car, truck, or motorcycle, and are available in a variety of styles so you can have exactly the look you want.

We can provide a wide variety of LED light Bars – both amber and white lights are available. We also supply rear tail light bars designed specifically for the rear of the vehicle.

NOTE: Due to the current CV19 Situation and International Freight reductions, we may not be able to supply these products until at least 4 weeks.

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Enjoy the clean aluminium frame of the S8 LED light bar with 4,000 lumens of pure power, low amp draw of 3.33 amps and nearly 50,000 hours of LED life.

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Engineered for distance and cornering, the OnX6 Hi-Power hits all of your primary lighting zones, making it the perfect bar if you need one light that does it all.

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The S2 Pro LED Light offers an incredible 2,450 lumens out of a tiny 3” x 2” housing; the S2 Pro is quite literally the brightest LED light ounce for ounce on the market.

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The S2 Sport is ideal as a fog, cornering, rack, or reverse light and much more. A compact and powerful light, featuring quality that is second to none.

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The Squadron Pro packs 4,900 Lumens at 40 watts that will truly annihilate the night. It comes equipped with a sleek black gloss aluminum housing and outshines the competition through both appearance and performance.

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The Squadron Racer Edition LED light packs 4,300 Lumens at 40 watts that will truly annihilate the night. It comes equipped with a sleek black gloss aluminium housing and outshines the competition through both appearance and performance.

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Although similar in aesthetics to the Squadron Pro, the application for the Squadron Sport varies, using four Cree LEDs producing an impressive 1,800 lumens at 20 watts making it ideal for near field, side/backup and scene lighting application.

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With a 4,900 lumen count and power draw of 40 watts, the XL Pro LED light is the only single housing LED light on the market that has the distance of an 8” HID with the smooth spread of an LED.

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The XL Racer throws light an average of 40 per cent further than the XL Pro with a High-intensity LED, housed in hard anodized and powder coat cast aluminium.

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The XL Sport LED light makes it easy to light up your world in style, with the perfect combination of affordability and performance.

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XL 80

Similar to BD’s current XL Pro model, the XL80 has the same anodized and power-coated cast aluminium housing and bezel. However, this is where the similarities end. The XL80 features a very powerful LED, for greater visibility and increased brightness.

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The Rock LED lights are waterproof and can be mounted virtually anywhere. Rock lights have a 180 degree optic to illuminate your cab, engine bay, wheel wells or anywhere else you need a super bright, super smooth light!

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The Dome LED lights are waterproof and can be mounted virtually anywhere. Dome lights feature an integrated switch have a 180 degree optic to illuminate your cab, engine bay, wheel wells or anywhere else you need a super bright, super smooth light!

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